2nd April , World Autism Awareness Day

Orhan and Imran Sahmanovic. Two such strong names, two such strong boys.

Their mild autism doesn’t mean they experience the autism mildly – it means I experience their autism mildly. And I witness how hard they work to get to the level they are.

They have tought me Love needs no words.

Always Unique Totally Intelligent Sometimes Mysterious. Stay like that!

Thank you for being You.


Your teacher Edisa

( Orhan i Imran Sahmanovic. Dva tako jaka imena, dva tako jaka dječaka.

Njihov blagi autizam ne znači da oni dozivljavaju autizam blago- to znači da JA doživljavam njihov autizam blago. I svjedočim koliko jako se trude da dostignu nivo na kojem i jesu.

Oni su me naučili da LJubav ne treba riječi.

Uvijek Unikatni Totalno Inteligentni Ponekad Misteriozni . Ostanite takvi!

Hvala vam na vama. S ljubavlju, vaša nastavnica Edisa.

For Imran and Orhan

By: Zara Taletović, 2nd April 2020

Imran and Orhan Sahanovic are two wonderful twins. They go to school ”Silvije Strahimir Kranjcevic” in Sarajevo.

They are boys who can’t really speak as well as we can.Despite that, we still communicate well. We have been friends since the 1st grade. Imran is in my class and Orhan is in another. All the students from the 5th grade help Imran to pay attention in class and to keep up. They are two of my best friends and it is great to have them here with us.Now we are in the 5th grade,but we are still help him and will always do.